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New year, new MO/Rules post! :D

If you'd like to join, please

01) be a Thomas Gibson fan! This is Gibsession, not Gubsession!
02) read the rules
03) reply to this post (comments are screened)
04) be active*
05) be aware that from time to time I'm gonna remove lurkers. If you enjoy what I'm posting, a comment isn't too hard and I want this community to be active. If you don't enjoy it, there's no reason for you to stay.

*You don't need to have posts in your own journal, but if you're in a bunch of communities and hardly ever comment anywhere, I have my doubts that you'll comment here.

You can also introduce yourself here if you like. I'd appreciate it!

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Thanks for reading! :D If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

(updated on August 5, 2011)
Dylan O'Brien

Introduction Post

Hey guys, I thought let's make an introduction post! :D I also updated the rules post again and I'll also make a new Members Only post shortly, so don't be confused then.

Okay then, I'll start... :D

Name (how you'd like to be called): Angy
Age: 29
Location: Germany
How did you find gibsession? Well, I created it... LOL
Favorite Thomas Gibson character(s): Hotch, Greg & James Percy
Favorite Thomas Gibson movie(s)/show(s): CM, D&G & The Inheritance
Did you know Thomas before you started watching Criminal Minds? Yes, he was actually the main reason why I started watching it (closely followed by Mandy Patinkin) and I owe it to him that I'm addicted to CM now, because I was ready to give up after the first two eps and I hadn't bothered to watch more eps if it wasn't for him.
Did you love Hotch immediately or did it take a while for you to warm up to him? I've loved him from the first moment on... ♥
If you didn't really care for or even disliked him at first, when did you start falling for him? -
Anything else you'd like to say? Just that I hope everyone enjoys it here and has fun... :D

So, I hope you guys will introduce yourself, too... :D Please use the form below if you do so. (If you don't wanna reveal your age, you can skip that part, of course... And your "name" can be your real name, username, nickname, I'd just like to know how I can address you...)

ETA (April 9): Comments from users who ask to rejoin will be screened!
Thomas Gibson PETA


Hi there and welcome! :D

I'm not good at introductions, so I'll make this short for now...

I created this community, so I can post all the Thomas Gibson posts here instead of mowf, because I was afraid it might turn into a TG community... LOL

So, the first thing I'll do is repost all the Thomas Gibson-related posts I made over at MOWF, so everything is at one place... :D

I'll also change the layout sooner or later... I just wanted to make this quick, so now it looks like my personal journal... LOL Done! :D

I'm the only one able to post here. Why? Because 1) there is already a TG community where everyone can post... 2) it's a lot easier for me to handle... and that's about it! :D You should also know that I'm posting here often, mostly picspams! :D

So if you love Thomas Gibson, feel free to join this community!

Well then, I hope you're going to enjoy it here! :D

ETA (June 29): The community is members only now and membership is moderated. An official "members only" post will follow. Until then I won't accept requests anymore, unless I know I can trust the person.