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Members Only 
29th-Dec-2009 03:48 pm
Dylan O'Brien

New year, new MO/Rules post! :D

If you'd like to join, please

01) be a Thomas Gibson fan! This is Gibsession, not Gubsession!
02) read the rules
03) reply to this post (comments are screened)
04) be active*
05) be aware that from time to time I'm gonna remove lurkers. If you enjoy what I'm posting, a comment isn't too hard and I want this community to be active. If you don't enjoy it, there's no reason for you to stay.

*You don't need to have posts in your own journal, but if you're in a bunch of communities and hardly ever comment anywhere, I have my doubts that you'll comment here.

You can also introduce yourself here if you like. I'd appreciate it!

You'll be accepted, if...
- you reply to this post AND
- I can see that you're a Thomas Gibson fan

You won't be accepted, if...
- you don't reply to this post


01) Please comment if you enjoy the posts and let me know if you download something! Also, if you're new, don't hesitate to comment on older posts, too, it's always nice to know people check those out, too! :D

02) Feel free to use my caps for picspams, arts, icons etc., BUT:

- don't upload them on fanpop.com
- don't upload them onto any other sites or galleries without my permission
- don't share the links to the zip files or reupload them without my permission

... and please credit angy3101 or gibsession.

03) If you use the icons I have posted at Gibsession, please comment and credit angy3101 - however, my personal userpics are not shareable, so please do not steal!

04) If you use or repost ep stills and cast promo pics, I'm not asking for credit (but if you do want to give credit, please credit gibsession), but please comment if you download and do not share the links without permission!

05) My arts are for personal use only, so please don't repost/reupload them elsewhere without my permission and do not edit them/use them as bases for your arts!

06) Feel free to use my animations, but please give credit.

07) Please don't reupload or share the links of the videos I'm uploading!

08) DO NOT hotlink!

09) If you're new to the community, please comment on at least one post other than the intro post within one week of joining!

Some info:

This list of picspams and vids might be helpful for you, for example if you're looking for a specific picspam/movie clip or if you'd like to browse through older posts.

The pics I'm posting might be spoilery for you! There will be no spoiler warnings in the individual posts, except maybe in posts for eps that just aired 1 or 2 weeks before the post and only if they would really spoil important stuff (a shocking ending, death of a character or something like that). Generally though, keep in mind that you always click at your own risk!

I understand that life can be busy, which is why everyone who has been removed due to inactivity can rejoin, if they contact me. (you can comment here (comments will be screened) or send me a PM)

If you treat me with respect, I will treat you with respect!

Thanks for reading! :D If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

(updated on August 5, 2011)
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